Trust and leadership

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Trust and leadership go hand and hand in an organization.You cannot have effective leadership if people do not trust one another. The following attachment is developed by a consultant I have worked with named Rob Fleischer.

Using the work of Jim Collins (How the Mighty Fall?), Fleischer has taken what Collins highlights as activities that occur when a company is on the way down versus those on the way up.

In-Effective Leadership

Part 1: This list of signs provided can help clearly identify when someone is an effective or in-effective leader. I would like hear your reactions to this list? Have you worked for an effective or in-effective leader?

Part 2: Find one peer-reviewed article on trust and summarize the main points from the article that would be useful to a manager. Peer-reviewed means that it has gone through some form of evaluation process where someone other than the author has said the paper is a sound piece of literature. Most articles would through academic journals are peer-reviewed. Examples of potential journals to explore: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Perspectives, Harvard Business Review.

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