Briefly analyse the candidates – mac, dac and rbac

Briefly analyse the candidates – mac, dac and rbac

Computer Network Security
MAC, DAC and RBAC (Group Project) Print Page As you have seen in this Week’s materials, there are three candidate authorisation methods (MAC, DAC and RBAC).

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and its own application domain. Each depends on its application domain to choose the suitable authorisation methodology based on the application requirements.

For example, military applications require rigorous authorisation methodology, and so some programmers argue that RBAC is not a perfect fit for such an application domain.

For this first Group Project Assignment, you will explore these issues. This Week’s project is a ‘warm-up’. It does not require much research, but it will require a good understanding and collaboration with other team members to compile a decent document for the whole group.

To complete this Assignment: Briefly analyse the three candidates (MAC, DAC and RBAC) and evaluate their suitability for the following: .Military applications .Online shopping portals .File access rights (for example, the Linux file permission system)

Support your answer with examples, self-experience or existing academic research in the literature. By Day 7 of Week 2, each group member submits the results of the group work (same submission for each team member) to the Turnitin link for this Group Project Assignment.

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