Explain the relationship of the project sponsor and manager

Explain the relationship of the project sponsor and manager

Part I —80 words for each question –

1.-What is risk management process
2. – How to develop the best risk assessment
3.-.How to create a contingency plan
4.-Advantages of Risk administration
5.-Best practices to improve team process and performance
6.-How to mitigate risk in our project
7.- What is a cost risk?
8- What is Opportunity Management?

Part II — Friday 12/06/2016 by 9pm

Resource: Blog Template

Create a 260-word blog using the template provided.
Research best practices in assisting project managers overcome challenges.
Identify critical factors in project management.
Explain the relationship of the project sponsor and manager and how it is analyzed throughout the project management lifecycle.
Provide a minimum of six reasons for project success and failure.
Include two scholarly references in addition to texts used in the Project Management concentration.
Provide examples of how organizations overcome challenges associated with project failure.
Illustrate best practices of project management.

Write a paper of no more than 1200 words, include the following components:

Project Risk Management Plan

• Examine at least five risks applicable to your project.

• Create a table in Microsoft Word for your risk assessment matrix. For each risk, analyze its likelihood and probability, its effect, an overall risk assessment score, when it could occur, and your response.

Project HR Plan

• Analyze HR needs, how they are acquired, and when they will occur.
• Examine your training approach and how you plan to recognize and reward the team’s efforts.

Project Communication Plan

• Examine key stakeholder groups and their project information needs.

• Create a table in Microsoft Word, evaluating the following information that is produced during the project’s lifecycle: status and issue reports; the target audience for each information type, including senior management and customers; when each information type is available (weekly or biweekly); how information is communicated (e-mail or hardcopy); and who is responsible for producing information.
Project Procurement Plan

• Examine the methods that will be used to manage procurements in the project.

• Examine at least one contract vehicle that might be used.

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