Food And Cultures

Food And Cultures

5-7 pages about Zimbabwe culture and food

NTR 2280 Food and Culture Individual Country Project~ 100 Points

The instructor will randomly assign a cultural group to the student after the class drop period. Please check the due date for the project in the Syllabus.

Submitting this Project: Student shall submit this before the due date using is an Internet- based plagiarism-detection service. Students with a similarity index of 50% or more will receive a 0. Students with a similarity index of 25-49% will get 50% credit. You are encouraged to finish the project early so you can see your similarity index. If you notice that it is too high you will have time to make some adjustments in order not to lose any credit. GOALS:

• Learn and communicate the history, common foods, how to prepare a cultural dish, major religions, health beliefs, and social challenges about a specific culture

• Explain how foods are used by the culture • To demonstrate your own thinking • To write captivating, energetic sentences and link them in paragraphs that unfold in a

dynamic way • Locate, interpret, evaluate and use professional literature (find credible, timely and relevant

source material) • To learn how to use valid reference materials in a report • Demonstrate use current information technologies • To make your essay interesting to readers and share the information you have learned with

the instructor and your cyber-classmates

ACEND Requirements for Didactic Program (KDRN standards met) • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural competence/sensitivity (KDRN 2.6) • Demonstrate written communication skills sufficient for entry into professional practice

(KDRN 2.1) • Students are able to locate, understand and apply established nutrition guidelines. (KDRN


REQUIREMENTS: You will be writing a report on a specific country and culture that is assigned to you. Below are the design/grammatical requirements

FORMAT • The report should be at least 5-7 pages in length (not including works cited, title page or

pictures), double-spaced, numbered, with one-inch margins and 12-point font saved as a Microsoft Word or PDF document and submitted on Turn it In (link available on Blackboard under Country Report tab). Reports going over suggested length will not be marked down (however try to keep it less than 10 pages).

• Follow APA or MLA format for in-text citation and a Works Cited page. An abstract is not necessary.

• Make clear and accurate use of source material, and cite all source material, whether the material is quoted, paraphrased or summarized.

• References MUST accompany statements of fact. This is an academic paper, and you are expected to use your own words to reflect on your research (see more details below and posts on Country Report). If you struggle with these please contact instructor.

• Follow sample essay format on page 5

GRADING AND CONTENT GUIDE Each subheading should be 2-3 paragraphs depending on total points, required information, detail and relevance to your thesis. The introduction and conclusion should be one paragraph each, as standard. Basic grammar, quality of academic writing and proper citation method is assessed. Introduction (5 points)

• Begin with an attention grabber and end the paragraph with your thesis statement History of the Assigned Country’s Culture (5 points)

• Describe general history of the country including political, geographical, cultural and other interesting information you feel is relevant. This should be concise, relevant, and precise.

Uniqueness of the Assigned Country’s Culture (5 points)

• Include details of what makes your assigned country’s culture unique. Make sure to address:

• What makes this culture different? • How are they different than their neighbors? • Does geography, climate, and/or political conditions influence this culture? • What did you find most unique about the culture?

Major Religions of the Culture (5 points)

• Discuss basic religion demographics and statistics. Make mention of all religions practiced and percent of population that practices each.

• Choose one of the religions and discuss how food is used as: symbols of the religions, how the food is used in ceremonies, and how is food used by the culture during religious events.

Common Foods Used by the Assigned Country’s Culture (10 points) • Discuss staple foods from all major food groups (grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins and

dairy). • Discuss common ingredients/small staple items such as spices, fats, side dishes, sauces,

beverages…etc. • Identify and describe at least two of the following: national dishes, foods eaten during

national holidays, celebrations, prestigious foods etc. • TIP: Cookbooks from specific cultures are wonderful resources for this information.

Reputable bogs can be ok as well. Meal Patterns and Etiquette (5 points)

• Discuss daily meal patterns. For example, how often and when do they typically eat? What are some common food items for meals breakfast, lunch, dinner…etc.? Is snacking common?

• Discuss the role of food and etiquette in your assigned country’s society. For example, table matters (use of utensils, table setting, environment, order of seating…etc.) and degree of importance of eating together as a family.

Cultural Food Tasting Experience (10 points)

• Obtain an authentic recipe from your assigned country (or region) then prepare the recipe. The recipe should be somewhat of a challenge to make and part of a meal. No beverages or single ingredient recipes. Include recipe in your report (either within the report or as an appendix). Consider inserting a jpeg of recipe in order to keep similarity index low.

• Describe the cooking methods, taste, textures, colors and aroma of the food in at least two paragraphs (~100 words)

• Insert at least TWO pictures of YOUR finished food product into the report. One picture should be of you preparing the dish. The other picture should include a picture of the dish with an index card containing the following information: Class, Name, Date and Name of Dish. Pictures of other prepared recipes not made from you are unacceptable.

• Make sure to reference where you obtained the recipe (into the Works Cited page following proper reference format)

Nutrition Guidance System (10 points)

• Briefly summarize one of the governmental nutrition guidance systems used in your assigned country. For example, in the United States the main food guidance system is Choose MyPlate.

• Describe how the food and lifestyle habits of the population from your assigned country meet or do not meet the food guidance system you chose. This should be referenced with a peer review article or acceptable statistics.

• If your country does not have it’s own guidance system, find one from a nearby region that is similar or use an International Guidance System like from the World Health Organization. You can also look up various Food Pyramids, see this link (for example) and use those as your country’s guidance system.

• Must use at least one peer review reference for this section.

Health Beliefs (5 points)

• Describe role of environment, food and lifestyle choices on your country’s specific chronic diseases. For example, access to food and water, quality of healthcare, political climate…etc.

• Identify two foods, herbs or supplements used for healing in your assigned country. • Discuss how the foods or herbs are used and give two examples and their medicinal

uses. 1. This is a great search term to try on CPP Library database or Google Scholar: “foods

herbs used medicinally in COUNTRY X” • Must use at least one peer review reference for this section.

History and Cultural Challenges in the United States (5 points)

• Discuss current demographics and socioeconomic status of your assigned cultural group in the United States. If your cultural group does not have a large presence in the United States, compare to a nearby region or similar cultural group or infer based on your research what potential challenges this group would have if lived in the United States.

• Describe the potential or current cultural and social challenges and some of the cultural problems your assigned culture might have/has in the US.

Compare and Contrast Two Cultures (10 points)

• Compare and contrast your personal culture with the culture of your assigned country. • Copy and Paste and Complete this table for your report. Then follow with a small

paragraph commentary/reflection of the similarities and differences. Two similarities between

my culture and assigned country

Two differences Between my culture and assigned country

Geography/Environment Population (people, diversity, language(s) spoken…etc.)

Religion Staple Food Items Health Beliefs

Conclusion(s) About the Culture (5 points)

• Please write a concluding paragraph about the culture. This should highlight and summarize the major conclusions in your paper.

Works Cited/References (15 points) (5 points for using valid/required references; 5 points for correct in-text citations, 5 points for Bibliography format) PLEASE review links on BlackBoard under Country Report that detail how to find references and references that are valid:

• Use a minimum of: 1. (2) Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (These must be from journals that are peer-

reviewed and relevant to the culture) 2. (2) Book references (One of these can be a cookbook) 3. (1) Valid Internet source (If you are not sure as to the validity of the site, send

me a message in Blackboard)

• If you don’t cite information under each section, you will receive a ‘0’ for the section without substantiation of your statement.

• Additionally, you may use interviews, lectures, more than the above references, & personal experiences in addition to the requirements above-but they must be properly referenced.

• Be consistent in your referencing of facts. Use MLA or APA format for your citations. Spelling and Grammar: (5 points)

• Spelling, grammar, timeliness, proper use of references, completeness in the above relative contents and subject matter are grade considerations.

Required Format for Essay (can copy and paste and use for your essay format)

The Title of Your Essay Goes Here

Epigraphs [optional] go here –authors of epigraphs go here

Text begins here…………….. start with your introduction. Then continue with each section with subheadings for each section

History of the Culture

Uniqueness of the Culture

Major Religions of the Culture

Common Foods Used by the Culture

Meal Patterns and Etiquette

Cultural Food Tasting Experience

Nutrition Guidance System

Health Beliefs

History and Cultural Challenges in the United States

My culture comparison compared to Assigned Country

End with your conclusion (no subheading required here).

Works Cited Page (follow APA or MLA format)

Note: All papers will be checked for plagiarism.

Ultimately, it is the students’ choice to follow directions…however; grading will be based on following the above directions. Skipping a section, simply mentioning that you were not able to find information-without following the directions above or not contacting the instructor well in advance of the due date, failure to cite references after facts, may result in point deductions….and possibly result in a failing grade. If there is any part of the directions that is not clear, let the instructor know. She will be happy to provide assistance or suggestions where the student may obtain or find additional information.

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