Marketing homework Assignment

Marketing homework Assignment

Fall 2018 MAR 4804/ U01 (MON) Dr. Bruce Seaton

Take Home Exam #2 Name: _____________

The exam is open book, open note and may be attempted on an individual basis or in cooperation with one other fellow student. In the latter circumstance equal contribution is assumed. If you quote substantially from a source it should be cited! Submission of your exam attests to your acceptance of these conditions.


a) Assume that ABC has just hired a new consultant to assist in their aggressive sales growth objective. The consultant has argued the more sliding glass doors that people install (i.e. “the bigger the pie”), the better the sales prospects for ABC. She has recommended that ABC greatly increase their advertising budget and focus their efforts on increasing the primary demand (i.e. the “size of the pie”) for sliding glass doors. Use market share analysis and any other insights to carefully and critically review this proposed strategy and advise ABC. Explain your reasoning. (8 POINTS)

b) i) Currently ABC has an approximately 8% market share ($9.2K/$116.1K) in non-exclusive dealers. Assuming that all sales increases are in non-exclusive dealers what market share would ABC need to achieve in this class of dealer to achieve its $12.5M sales objective? To simplify you may IGNORE THE PROJECTED MARKET GROWTH of 2.4%. Carefully explain your reasoning. (6 POINTS)

ii) In a 3 brand dealer, ABC’s “expected” market share would be 33% (or possibly 30%). Their average achieved market share is only 8%. Hypothesize reasons for this marked achievement deficit and outline a research protocol to investigate this circumstance. Bear in mind that ABC’s performance in exclusive dealers exceeds the market mean. (6 POINTS)

Note: 0.5 points may be deducted for each hour, or part thereof, that a submission is late, with a maximum of 5 points per 24 hours. This is based on 20 points per question!

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