Research – phase 3-Article writing homework task

Research – phase 3-Article writing homework task

Can you please continue from what I stoped

This assignment has three levels

I have done from the first and the second and now they need the third part

I will send the third requirement please check it and let me know

1. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to:

· Justify the proposal study design, collection, and analysis methods.

· Describe the appropriate approach for reporting qualitative, quantitative, and linguistic data.

· Demonstrate depth of thought and effective writing skills.

Project Deliverables:

Research Proposal: Draft Title, Aims, Context, Problem, Question – Due Week 6

Research Proposal: Literature Review – Due Week 10

Research Proposal: Data Analysis and Final Proposal – Due Week 14

Action Items

· Describe how you propose to collect data if you were conducting this research; e.g., questionnaire, interview, focus group.

· Explain how to analyze the data; e.g., measures of central tendency, discourse or thematic analysis.

· Provide a rationale for your decisions.

· finalize your proposal as follows:

. Compose 10-15 pages on Word in which you

. Title of the research proposal

. Aims of the proposed research

. The literature review related to your topic

. The research problem and research question

. Data collection and analysis techniques

. List of references

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