Agency Visit Paper

Agency Visit Paper

Submit by Day 3, a 4- to 5-page written account of your agency visit. In the paper, address each of the following areas and support your ideas with evidence from course resources and additional research.

Describe the agency. Including:

Services offered

Mission of the agency

Clientele or population served

Describe the social worker’s job activities and professional roles

Explain what brought the social worker to the field and their work history

Explain opportunities for advancement and what the social worker does for professional development

Describe the social worker’s overall job satisfaction and strategies they use for self-care

Analyze your experience. Specifically,

Discuss your thoughts and feelings related to the agency, clientele, and type of work.

Reflect on why you may have experienced these reactions to the agency, clientele, and type of work.

Explain which social work values and ethics were evident (or not evident) during the interview.

Explain how social and economic justice relates to the services provided or population served by this agency.

Explain how cultural competence was demonstrated (or not demonstrated) within the agency or by the social worker

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