Social Policy III

Social Policy III

In this exercise, students will explore differences in TANF program benefits and rules across the states. Compare figures for your state with another state (of your choosing), and to the nation as a whole. Using the following links to maps and tables, please fill in the attached tablePreview the document with the indicated numbers.

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: 50 State Comparisons – TANF (Links to an external site.)

Congressional Research Service: TANF State programs (Links to an external site.)

Describe the differences in TANF programs between these two states and the national numbers. Make sure to explain what these numbers mean (e.g. TANF to poverty ratio is the percent of poor families that receive TANF).

What do these figures suggest about differences in the generosity of TANF across these states?

How do you think these differences might affect the lives of two identical poor families living in these two states?

What values, ideologies, or perspectives (individualist vs. collectivist) do these differences between the states reflect? Please explain.

Reflecting on what you have learned about the TANF program, what policy changes would you advocate for?

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