Discuss The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence And Automation On The Job Market In The Next 20 Years

TASK 1 – MS Word

– Describing AI and automation.

– Identify which types of jobs are threatened by AI and automation.

– Use the citations tool in MS Word to include at least 5 citations (references) in your work

i) Create a table or graph (not downloaded from internet) showing statistical or numerical data relevant to your discussion (e.g. growth, sales, users).

ii) Include at least 2 images and add captions (labels) to them using the Insert Caption function.

iii) Automatically generate a table of figures using the table of figures tool in MS Word.

iv) Use heading styles where appropriate for titles and subtitles.

v) Use the Table of Contents tool in MS Word to automatically generate a table of contents.

vi) The style of the document should include the following:

• A header on every page of the document stating your name (centred)

• A footer on every page of the document stating the page number (centred)

• Page setup – left 2.0cm, right 2.0, top 2.0, bottom 1.9

• Font – heading Verdana 14, body Courier New 11

• Line spacing 1.5

vii) Generate a bibliography using the tool built into MS Word.

TASK 2 – MS Excel

Using data related to Task 1 above, produce the following graphs/charts:

a) A table of data, containing a filter list

Column chart – title, label the axis and legend

b) A table of data, containing a formula to sum up the columns

Line chart, with error bars (standard deviation) – title, label the axis, values and legend

c) A table of data, containing a formula to sum up averages of the columns

d) Pie chart – title, values, and legend

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