Major and career research

1. Describe a major you are interested in:

· Title of major

· Requirements for admission to the program and whether you meet them or not

· At least 2 associated extracurricular activities (student organizations, professional associations, etc.)

· At least 5 classes that are required

Challenges you may face (not enjoying some classes, pre-requisites, etc.)

2. Describe a career you are interested in:

· What the job does

· Education and certification/licensure requirements. How does the major you chose to research relate to this career?

· Job outlook and salary

Other notable aspects or challenges of the career

3. Answer the questions

· Why are you interested in this major and career you are describing in this paper?

· How did your assessments and what you have learned in the class help to increase your interest in this major/career?

What other experiences have influenced your interest in this major and career?

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