How Gender, Parenthood and Other Social Factors Influence the Career

You will prepare and submit a term paper on How Gender, Parenthood and Other Social Factors Influence the Career. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Economic factors on the other hand are highly influenced by the financial capability of an individual. It is in this broad category that factors such as the educational attainment of individuals fall in. Economic factors determine whether an individual can be able to access education or training on the job or career they choose to follow. Additionally, other economic factors such as payment, wages, or salary also influence a person’s choice of career.

Social factors on the other hand play a very major role in influencing an individual’s career choice, the society greatly influences an individual’s way of life because it’s the greatest basic unit of socialization (Worell, 2001). It is in the social realm that we get to identify ourselves as well as identify others. we get to know what is good or bad in society through learning the social norms and values of society.

Various forces in society influence an individual’s choice of career and this may include social identity, stereotypes, societal expectations, as well as societal values. These as well as many others constitute what is referred to as the societal or sociological factors that influence an individual’s choice of career (Worell, 2002). This essay shall look at how social identity as well as the above named social factors as well as social factors not mentioned above influence an individual’s career choice additionally, a clear evaluation of my choice of research instrument which is the questionnaire and how I shall use it to address the research question, and a good literature review all of which shall help build a good impression of how career choice, work, and employment are related to gender, parenthood and other social factors.

Gender is the whole range of characteristics differentiating femininity and masculinity. It is usually socially constructed and categorizes individuals in society as either male or female.

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