Clinical Field Experience

Clinical Field Experience B: Using technology-based resources within the social studies classroom supports real-world applications and helps to inspire teachers in their lesson planning and instructional practices. Continually exploring technology resources which can be utilized within the classroom demonstrates a teaching best practice.

Observe the attached 2 videos. During the observation, take note of how technology was used and its effectiveness. If technology was not used where in the lesson was there an opportunity for technology to be used?

In addition, arrange a time to implement a social studies lesson with a small group of students or the entire class. Discuss with your mentor teacher an appropriate standard to address in that lesson.

In 250-500 words, reflect on your observation and discussion by addressing the following:

During the lesson you observed, what technology resources did your mentor teacher use? Did the technology resource contribute to instruction or engagement? Why or why not?

At what DOK level was the technology used or could have been used?

What specific additional technology could have been used within the lesson and how would you have used them?

How does your mentor teacher ensure the safe, legal, and ethical use of technology and information accessed from the technological resources?

Summarize and reflect upon your observations. Explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.

If no technology was used, identify a technology that could be used, answering the above questions.

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