L2 Assignment 2

In order to better understand the components of culture in others we are going to take some time to look at the “body of learned behavior” that shaped our own cultural identity. As we begin to have a greater understanding and personal awareness of our own cultural development and identity, we will more easily appreciate how culture affects those around us.

Refer back to the section in the lesson that describes how culture is learned. Select three of the components of culture. For each of the three components, identify the socializing agent(s) that have strongly influenced that particular aspect of your cultural identity. Describe the events, experiences, etc. that contributed to the development of your beliefs, attitudes, and values in that area of your cultural identity.

After describing the 3 components and the socializing agents that contributed to their development, conclude with a paragraph that reflects what “new” ideas you learned about your own personal “cultural identity” as you completed this activity and how this learning experience will contribute to your cross cultural understanding.