What are sociological theories and concepts, and what purposes do they serve?

Respond to these:

  1. Sociological theories is a supposition that analyze, explain, or consider from a sociological perspective. Sociological concept is a simple form that represent some of the world. The purpose of sociological theories is a way to think and write about human behavior for scientist. The purpose of sociological concepts is to keep the world organized by giving people a sense of belonging.
  2. Sociological theories are explanations of social phenomena and a process. Ideas that provide explanations for human society. They also provide different perspectives of how we view the world. The purpose of this is to explain everything from childreaning to automobile sales. Sociological concepts are structural functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interaction. These concepts explain how society works. Their purpose is to explain parts of a system, how conflict is a permanent feature to our society, and explain how society is based on shared meanings.

question 2:

Suppose you want to study police brutality. What methods could you use? What are some ethical issues should you consider? Should unpopular or undesirable results or findings not be made public? Why or why not?