1. For the following reactions, (a) write the balanced reaction equations and (b) IDENTIFY the type of reaction as ONE of the following: acid-base, precipitation, or redox (Only one reaction type applies to each reaction and all three should be used).

For the acid-base reaction, label the acid, the base, the conjugate acid, and the conjugate base. Write an expression for the Ka of the reaction.

For the precipitation reaction, if a solid is formed, indicate the solid.

For the redox reaction, indicate what is oxidized, what is reduced, and write the corresponding half-reactions.

Aqueous hydroiodic acid (HI) reacts with liquid water in a reversible reaction.
Solid zinc reacts with solid manganese (IV) oxide producing solid zinc oxide and solid manganese (III) oxide.
Aqueous silver nitrate reacts with aqueous calcium chloride.

  1. Iodine pentafluoride gas reacts with iodine fluoride gas producing iodine heptafluoride gas and iodine gas. What is the maximum number of grams of iodine gas that can be produced from a reaction of 10.0 g of iodine pentafluoride with 11.20 L of iodine fluoride gas at STP?
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