G-L: You will be portraying the perspective of the wealthy.

G-L: You will be portraying the perspective of the wealthy.

M-R: You will be portraying the perspective of the drinking, smoking, dancing party scene, including flappers and celebrities.

S-Z: You will be portraying the perspective of African Americans.

For example, I would be in the fourth group (W for Washburn).

Now that you’ve found which group you’re in, here’s what you need to do for the discussion. Choose one of the issues that came up during the Jazz Age. There are many to choose from! For example:

Unequal prosperity.


Continuing racism.

The Harlem Renaissance

New products, and new ways to buy them.

Buying on credit.

Or something else.

Now that you’ve chosen a topic, give your character’s perspective on it. Write as if you are a flapper, or a poor Kansas farmer, or a factory worker, or resident of Harlem. Describe your point of view (as that person), why it makes sense to you, and why you think you’re right. The point is to put yourself in the shoes of historical people! When you’ve given your perspective, comment on a classmate’s post, disagreeing and giving your side of things (again, as your assigned character).

The point here is to see that the issues at this time were multifaceted, and everyone had perspectives that made sense to them.

Remember: you and your classmates are portraying characters, in order to understand their perspectives and motivations. Just because you (or a classmate) give opinions in this assignment does not mean that they’re your own opinions! Stay in character. Also, don’t be nasty to each other; remember that you’re IN CHARACTER.

The American Yawp.

chapter 22

Then I would like you to look at some interesting primary source documents that I think will give you a feel for the age: Advertisements (1924)

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