Discussion Question

Each paper should be 2000 words-long (endnotes, bibliography and appendices, if any, are not included in this count), double-spaced, and typed using 12 p. size Times New Roman fonts. Except for the title page, all other pages should be numbered. All notes and references should appear as endnotes (as opposed to footnotes). In addition to the endnotes, you should have an Annotated Bibliography section. This section summarizes in a few lines each of the sources you have cited or referenced in your paper, and explains why they were important for your research. If you use a source that exists only on the Web, you must also explain why that particular source should be considered to be reliable. All citations and references as well as the bibliography must follow the specifications of the Chicago Manuscript Format Style. For the basic rules of Chicago Style, please click here. Each final paper will have a cover page. Please note that if you choose one of the topics listed in this document, the title of your paper should be exactly as it appears above. In addition to the title page, your paper will consist of the following parts: introduction, body, conclusions, endnotes, and annotated bibliography. Appendices are optional. The endnotes and the annotated bibliography will be printed on separate pages.

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