Review the reading Happiness Project by Gretche

Review the reading Happiness Project by Gretche

In a well-developed essay of 1-2 pages in length AND following MLA format, please do the following:

Write a scholarly review of the source: The Happiness Project Book by Gretchen. I expect the following:

a short introduction to the article and topic along with a summary of the scholarly source. What is the article about? (one paragraph)
a deeper, more extensive assessment outlining the main points of the paper, including for example assumptions made, arguments presented, data analyzed, and conclusions drawn. What does the author do to make their claims believable? (one paragraphs)
any limitations or extensions you see for the ideas in the paper. What could they do differently? (one paragraph)
your reflection (or opinion) of the paper; primarily, the quality of the ideas and its potential impact. What do you think about Rubin’s ideas? (one paragraph)
Here are additional questions you need to keep in mind and address in your essay as you closely analyze The Happiness Project Book by Gretchen :

(a) Purpose of the Article. Why was the article written? To inform? Persuade?
(b) Organization and Content. Is the material organized and focused? Is the argument understandable? Is this original research, a review of previous research, or an informative piece?
(c) Bias. Do you see any bias in the reading? Explain why or why not.
(e) Date of Article. Is the article up-to-date or out-of-date?
(h) Authority. Are the author’s credentials verifiable? Do they seem reliable?
(j) Audience. Who do you think the audience is for this reading? Why?

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