Module 4 – Case

Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

Review the following article from

Staff (2002). Fastenal adds inventory to stores, enhances service. RetrievedSept. 7, 2008, from

Also, please read the following article:

Nadarajah, S. & Kotz, S. (2009). Models for purchase frequency. European Journal of Operational Research, 192(3), 1014-1026.

Case Assignment

Turn in a paper of one to two pages (page count does not include cover or reference list) and include the following components:

  1. What kind of products or service does Fastenal offer?
  2. In each store, what are the key facilities or equipment needed for Fasternal to operate efficiently?
  3. Relating to the case study on Page 260 in Chapter IX, what are the key problems/solutions you envision for Fastenal?

Assignment Expectations

  1. Answer questions with clarity.
  2. Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.
  3. Try your best to search in the Trident online library to find some papers/articles to support your argument and show them in the reference list.
  4. Turn in your answers by the module due date.
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