Unit 1 Assignment 1 – Project:

Unit 1 Assignment 1 – Project: SelectionSubmit Assignment


In this class, you will be working on a fictitious project to better understand the steps in the project management process. This week, you need to select a project to work on. Some options are listed below, select a project that you feel comfortable with, and understand (or feel you can easily learn about). If none of the options below are suitable for you, you may select an alternative, but please confirm it with your instructor before submitting it.

Planning a wedding
Refurbishing a car
Organizing a concert
Designing a website
Renovating a bathroom
A different project you select (that is also approved by the instructor)
For this assignment, submit a word processing file with your name, the project you have selected, and a brief (one paragraph) description of what you plan to work on

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