Create a blog using the Blog Feature (link above) on your chosen product or service to bring about awareness to your business.

Create a blog using the Blog Feature (link above) on your chosen product or service to bring about awareness to your business.
Include 400-500 words in your Blog that will bring about awareness to your business and engage your readers.
When using the Blog Feature in Blackboard, your name will be saved when you finish and select ‘Post Entry’. If you are attaching a blog from another service, be sure to name your attachment as “FirstName_LastName_Week 6 Homework” in your blog post entry.
Feel free to share your blogging experiences in the Coffee House Chat with your peers.

You cannot use your personal pages for any of these homework assignments. I know the instructions above say you can, but I cannot change those. So, I am providing extra instructions here that you need to follow.
You MAY use an already existing business page for the service or product as long as that page aligns with the homework projects. In other words has the business /service name in the link.
Be sure your newly created page has the business (service) name as the link and/or the product name as (in) the link.
Be sure to direct people somewhere to order (meaning provide the link to your business website so they can click-through to make the actual order). This will be essential for conversion analytics.
Be sure to answer ALL parts (elements) of the instructions clearly in order to earn the most points possible. Use the rubric below as a guide.
RUBRIC: 30 points

Create a Blog using the Blog Feature (link above) about your chosen product or service to bring awareness (that means talking about your mission and values too). Be sure to put a creative title on it that relates to the product, service and/or business). Points = 10
Write an Engaging 400-500 word blog. Don’t forget to include items that make it engaging such as images, creative subheadings, and engaging writing. (This is a good place to talk about how your product answers consumer needs and aligns with their values, your own ‘why’ for selling this product/creating this company and your company mission and values, plus the product/service/business quality and more…Remember the goal with blogs is to create curiosity and provide information.) Points = 10
Provide a call to action and website link for ordering/information. Points = 4
Word count. Points = 1
Writing mechanics issues. Points = 5

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