Unit 3 Assignment – Training

Unit 3 Assignment – Training

Submit AssignmentInstructions:

In HR, you will be responsible for training and developing employees. As we learned from the videos about adult learners and learning styles, not all employees learn the same way. You should be comfortable presenting information in a variety of ways, including basic graphic illustration. This week, you will create an infographic that illustrates an HR concept. This is an opportunity for you to be creative, and practice reaching your target audience with critical information.

For this assignment:

Using Piktochart or similar software, create an infographic to illustrate any HR concept which has been covered up to this point in the course.
Your role: Human Resources Training & Education Specialist at a hospital
Audience: All employees within the hospital
Distribution method: the infographic will be sent via email. Employees typically don’t read the emails from HR, so you need to make this one engaging!

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