Communication and Leadership

Communication and Leadership
Paper instructions:

Complete Chapter 7 assigned reading.
Read Huber’s critical thinking exercise: Nurse Olivia Witte, page 126-127.
Cite content from your assigned reading and the literature to answer each of the seven questions at the end of the critical thinking exercise.

Define the elements of group interaction.
Discuss conflict management strategies and conflict resolution techniques.
Identify strategies to manage group and team behaviors.
Identify key definitions and theories of communication and relationship building.
Answer the following questions:
What is the problem?
Whose problem is it?
What should Nurse Witte do?
What mode of communication should Nurse Witte use?
How can Nurse Witte structure a clear message?
To whom should Nurse Witte communicate first? Who else needs to be involved in the communication flow?
What leadership and management strategies should Nurse Witte use?

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