Epidemiology: Case Control Abstract

Epidemiology: Case Control Abstract
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
Case – Control abstract analysis requires a sampling of 4 Case-Control research abstracts obtained electronically. Cut and paste the entire abstract into a word document. Each abstract should be correctly identified as utilizing a Case-Control Epidemiology Design. Note the key words within the abstract associated with a Case Control Epidemiology research design. Select your words carefully.

Be very careful, we are used to thinking of case control in the context of cases get treatment and controls do not. This is an intervention, imperial or clinical trial study. A case – control study is where people with a disorder / outcome are compared to those without. No treatment is given. Participants are selected by disease state UNLIKE cohort where they are divided by Risk Factor. This is a VERY important concept to remember. This is a common point of confusion on the comprehensive exam.

Recently the Institution Review Boards defines a ‘subject’ as animals and a ‘participant’ a human.

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