California Beginnings

California Beginnings
Number of sources: 1
Paper instructions:
Create a simple timeline showing several milestones of Spanish influence of the Maidu Indian Tribe

Prepare one- to two-paragraph, short answers to each of the following general questions:
What were some ways the Spanish mission system was effective? What were some ways it was ineffective?
Why did the Spanish choose the mission system as their method of assimilating native California Indians? What was the overall effect of the mission system on the Indians?
How effective was the mission system as a tool to assimilate your selected Indian tribe?
What was the influence of the Franciscans on the politics or religion of your selected tribe?
Would you consider the treatment of the Indian tribes by the Franciscans under Father Junipero Serra cruel and inhumane? Or, was Father Serra merely a typical 18th-century priest doing what he thought was right and best in his treatment of the Indians?

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