Case study – Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Case study – Benign prostatic hyperplasia
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CASE STUDY : Diagnosis – Benign prostatic hyperplasia

A 72-year-old male is seen in the office with a complaint of difficulty urinating and starting urinary stream. The patient states he has had problems starting urinary stream for about 10 yr, but over the past 2 mo, he has noticed that not only is this difficult, but at times, it is very difficult to empty his bladder. He reluctantly states that he has had a few episodes of incontinence.

Question 1
What additional questions should you ask the patient and why?
Question 2
What should be included in the physical examination at this visit?
Question 3
What are the possible differential diagnoses at this time?(support your diagnoses)
Question 4
What tests should you order and why?(support your answer)
Question 5
How should this patient be managed?

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