Dating in Late Adulthood

Dating in Late Adulthood
Number of sources: 5
Paper instructions:

The paper must address and provide a clear and concise overview of dating in late adulthood, where people over the age of 65 still seek fulfilling relationships.

Discuss each of the following points:
*Provide an In-depth analysis of dating in late adulthood.
*Describe the demographics and how it affects adults ages 65 and greater.
*Describe the reasons that men and women in late adulthood (65+) choose to date and/or not to date.
*Describe the ways that men and women in late adulthood find partners to date.
*Describe how men and women in late adulthood use social media and dating sites.
*Describe how prior intimate relationships affect their search for a new partner.
*Describe partner preferences during this stage of life.

++Paper must be written using the sources below:

Brown, S. L., & Shinohara, S. K. (2013). Dating Relationships in Older Adulthood: A National Portrait. Journal of Marriage and Family, 75(5), 1194–1202. doi: 10.1111/jomf.12065

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