Drug Legalization

Drug Legalization
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Paper instructions:
You are a retired municipal police chief. Post retirement you worked as a manager in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For the last three years, you were assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and served as a law enforcement liaison with the Mexican federal drug trafficking investigation division. The President of the United States has selected you as the newly appointed U.S. drug czar. You have been posted to the United Nations Office of Drug Control Policy in New York City.

In response to the legalization of marijuana by California, the President of Mexico has countered by legalizing and commercializing heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The United Nations has condemned both countries for their drug control policies that violated international treaties. The White House Office on Drug Control Policy has directed you to write a 1500 word White Paper following APA format. The paper will analyze how current criminal justice policy from a management perspective will impact future drug policies in North America and will assess the intended and unintended consequences of both political and legal decisions. The paper will also reflect how communities are affected by corruption that exerts power within the commercialization of drugs and justice systems.

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