Leadership week 4

Leadership week 4
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:

Before beginning work on this discussion forum, please review the link “Doing Discussion Questions Right”, the expanded grading rubric for the forum, and any specific instructions for this topic.
Before the end of the week, begin commenting on at least two of your classmates’ responses. You can ask technical questions or respond generally to the overall experience. Be objective, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress. Submit your responses in the Discussion Area.
In this assignment, you will study the methods used by leaders to resolve different types of conflicts. Consider the statement “conflict can be both good and bad.” Reflect on this statement and describe a time when you witnessed or experienced conflict in your personal or professional life.
Based on your research and experience, answer the following questions:
• What are the four basic types of conflict? Describe them.
• What are the five levels of conflict? Describe them. What was the level of conflict in your situation?
• Which of the five conflict-handling modes was utilized?
• What are the three conflict negotiation models? What are the goals and indicators of success of each? Were any of these models used to resolve the conflict you witnessed or experienced?
To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

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