introduction to counselling

introduction to counselling
Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
1. Respond to each question in a collegial manner (i.e., full sentences) in APA (6th ed.) format. For questions and answers, this means provide in-text citations for your responses..

a. The text describes thirteen roles that counselors perform in most settings in which they are employed. Discuss seven of them and give examples of how they might be applied in the setting you are interested in working.

b. A number of generic skills used by counselors are described. Discuss five of these and give examples of each.

c. Discuss the six steps presented in the text to help counselors develop a flexible specialty. How might you personally use each of these suggestions? Give examples.

d. Six principles guiding the use of Internet counseling were described in the text. Choose three and explain their importance, giving specific examples.
e. Many students enter the counseling field with ideas about private practice. From your reading, discuss some pros and cons for this aspect of professional counseling.
f. Discuss the role of respect in the counseling relationship. How is respect communicated in behavioral terms? What is the relationship between self-respect and communicating client respect?
g. Empathy is viewed as essential in the counseling relationship. Discuss the difference between primary and advanced accurate empathy. How might barriers to empathy be overcome?
h. Imagine counseling someone from a cultural background dissimilar to yours. Apply a few of the guidelines for establishing cultural empathy, and explain how your work with the client will benefit from these practices.
i. Discuss the five goals of the initial interview as presented in the text (see Lazarus). Do you agree with these goals? Why or why not? What goals might you add?
j. Create a burnout prevention plan for yourself working in the role of a school counselor or a community counselor. List at least five activities that you will include during a normal workload and what you will add or change when your stress level is high.

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