Elements of Longer Messages: Report Analysis

Elements of Longer Messages: Report Analysis
Number of sources: 1
Paper instructions:
Research and select a report from a Fortune 500 company, either online or in the online University Library.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the report that includes the following:
An identification of the report type and how it differs from the other primary report types
A description of how the three-step writing process is evident in the report

Submit your assignment as an appropriate course-level APA-formatted Microsoft® Word document.

Extra tips from the Professor:

The purpose of this assignment is to get students acquainted with business reports. In the business world, reports are basic tools used by those who run companies and/or invest in them. Business reports can be lengthy and complex documents, and one report can seem so different from the next.

The Fortune 500 is a list published annually of the 500 most profitable US corporations. All Fortune 500 companies publish annual business reports. Try googling your favorite companies + “annual report” to locate their most recent reports. Here are some examples:

Wal-Mart 2017 Annual Report

Target 2017 Annual Report

Starbucks 2017 Annual Report

You don’t have to read the whole report! Some of them are very lengthy. Just spend some time skimming the report to become familiar with its basic contents.

For the Week 4 assignment, begin by choosing any business report you find online for a Fortune 500 company. Then spend some time skimming through your selected report to view the various sections.

Then write three paragraphs in your own words (700-1,000 words):

1. In the first paragraph, introduce the report you selected and state what kind of report it is: informational, analytical, or proposal. Then explain the difference between the three basic business report types.

2. In the second paragraph, describe the general contents of the report you selected. What kinds of information does it contain?

3. In the final paragraph, explain how you can tell that the authors of the report used the three-step writing process to plan, write, and complete (revise) the report.

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