introduction to counselling

introduction to counselling
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:
1. Respond to each question in a collegial manner (i.e., full sentences) in APA (6th ed.) format. For questions and answers, this means provide in-text citations for your responses.

Discuss the impact of abilities, interests, and values on career development and the decision-making process.
How would you work with a woman who feels that she is a victim of sexual harassment?
Explore the effects of gender and culture on the workplace, as relevant for your clients.
Holland implied that career interest inventories are really personality measures. Do you agree or disagree, and why? How would his six personality types describe you?
Imagine the experience of someone with a family who has lost a job. What are the ways the loss might affect the person individually, and what are the ways the rest of the family might be affected?
Discuss two career counseling theories and describe how a counselor would follow each of these theories when providing career counseling to a client?
Discuss bias and prejudice as they apply to the counseling relationship and acceptance of individual differences. How might bias and prejudice influence you as a counselor?
Discuss the special counseling issues faced by women in this society. How can counselors more effectively respond to these issues? How will your gender influence how you work with this population? Now answer these same questions, but regarding men.
Which attributes of the culturally-sensitive counselor do you feel you already possess? What strategies can you suggest to continually develop your cultural sensitivity once you are out of school and “in the field”
Why is it helpful for counselors to self-disclose their own feelings about clients’ experiences of prejudice and oppression?


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