Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
In many instances, redundancy is avoided in the IT world. However, redundancy can be a part of the recommended planning process for networks and network security. In addition, there are many techniques that are used to harden a system. Keep these topics in mind as you research the information to complete your discussion this week.

Examine network planning and share what you find. Where is redundancy recommended? Explain what redundancies are recommended and whether you agree with these. Provide a rationale for your response. Examine the various techniques that are used and select two that you would recommend be used in your organization, as well as two that you would not recommend. Provide a rationale for your responses.
After reading a few of your classmate’s postings, reply to the ones from which you learned something new or to which you have something to add. Remember to get in early and post often.
Additional post option: Explain how component redundancy contributes to your overall Defense in Depth for the Network Infrastructure.


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