Developing a Grading Rubric

Developing a Grading Rubric
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Paper instructions:
in this assignment, the student assumes the role of the educator in an academic setting. The student is given the opportunity to identify a content area; develop a written assignment related to the content area, and design a grading rubric consistent with the assignment. criteria for content
1- identify the content area: identify the selected content area for the assignment, identify the learner that the assignment is designed for and explain the importance of the selected content are to the learner
2. Development of assigned outcomes

Identify 4 outcomes/objectives appropriate to the learner and content area
identify the level of knowledge stated in each outcome by using bloom’s revised taxonomy
develop two assignment outcomes/objectives at the evaluating or creating a level of bloom’s taxonomy-present an action verb consistent with this
include each outcome an observable learner behavior
then develop the grading rubric: this section identifies the grading rubric to be used to evaluate the learner’s assignment.
Identify a grading scale than includes percentages for A,B,C,D, and F.
Development of grading rubric that identifies learner expectations for each grade level


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