Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

(Separate Part 1)

Wiki Page week 4 Wiki Page- Students will contribute to the class wiki page by answering the following prompt:
• Provide 1 example of a strategy that promotes the following: personal (1), social (1) and moral (1) development.
• You should have a total of 3 strategies on the page.

(Part 2 make up a fictional but believable person who worked with children )

Week 5
Motivation Interview:

Interview an educator or someone that works with children and write a brief summary (paragraph) of your interview analysis. Ask them the following questions:
• What are your views on intri sic and extrinsic motivation?
• What are some tools you have used to motivate students?
• What is the most critical area that you see that children need motivation?
• What are the effects of motivation on behavior, attendance, and academics?
• Describe a time you had to motivate a student. Why did the student need motivation? What did you do? What was the outcome?


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