Pathophysiology and pharmacological management of Parkinson’s

Pathophysiololgy amd pharmacological managment of parkinsons
Number of sources: 10
Paper instructions:
Case Study 2 – Mr Patrick Drew is a 74 year old man (UR number 452342). He was referred by his GP to the neurology team for investigation and management of his Parkinson’s disease, dysphagia and falls. On assessment he demonstrated bradykinesia, gaze limitations (in all directions) a persistent unilateral tremor in his right arm, and a shuffling gait (with limited arm swing). His limb rigidity is ‘lead pipe rigidity’ but he also has ‘cogwheel rigidity’ in his wrists. Link to Mr Drew Case
Discuss the following in relation to this case:
Succinctly discuss the underlying pathophysiology in relation to the presenting signs and symptoms of either Mr Kwon or Mr Drew
Discuss the pharmacological management in relation to symptom relief and ongoing management. Link your discussion to the relevant pathophysiology of the condition.

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