Title: Models of Christian Counseling

Other : Psychology
Title: Models of Christian Counseling
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:

Part one (separate )

Review the following video: https://youtu.be/3AKL6TlfdP8
1. After careful review of the video in 250 words, summarize and respond to the main points discussed in the videos (i.e., Consider any new insights gained regarding integration of psychotherapy and faith, consider alignment with assigned reading).

Part 2 (separate )

1. Students should complete research on the Seven Step Christian Counseling process?
2. When preparing this assignment, follow these guidelines:
a. The theorist that developed the process.
b. The applicability of the process to various client issues.
c. The ability to integrate the process with traditional counseling theories.
d. Students must support research by listing and citing at least two reliable sources. Only one can be a text.
e. Assignment must be submitted in APA format 6th. ed.

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