Advocacy for patients and families

Advocacy for patients and families
Professional Environment Paper Rubric to follow.

Master of Science in Nursing
Criteria Points Possible Score
1. Â Description of personal practice ethical problem.
2. Â Discussion of how worldview impacts outcomes of problems
3. Â Discussion of the ethical decision-making implications for the identified issue.
4. Â Decision-making implications according to the Do the Right Thing video series.
5. Â APA format. Refers to writing style that is grammatically correct with adequate, correct references and citations to support statements and paper formatted correctly.

-The six sessions doing the right thing videos are on you tube. I have included the link to the first one.
(2013). Session 1: how did we get into this mess? Poster session presented at Princeton, . Retrieved from
-I will email my worldview assignment to help aid in the completion of this paper. Let me know if you need my assistance in anyway.

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