critical essay – evidence -based approach to change (i.e.Justice Policy

critical essay – evidence -based approach to change (i.e.Justice Policy
On this assignment, it should focus on scientific arguments, rather than ideological ones. The paper should focus on quantitative points. It should move away from subjective, personal opinions and towards scientific assessments.
The research brief should be no longer than two single-spaced (one-inch margins all around, 12 – point font). It should be written in plain English without jargon for a client (decision maker) who should be assumed to know much social science themselves.

Evidence-Based Critique

What an evidenced-based research critique is: Evidence-based research (EBR) is “the use of prior research in a systematic and transparent way to inform a new study so that it is answering questions that matter in a valid, efficient and accessible manner”.[1] According to EBR, any new study should be informed by systematically examining existing evidence to determine the study’s need, design, and methods.[2] In addition, results of a study should be placed in context by incorporating them in a systematic review of similar earlier studies.[2]
(Not to be confused with Empirical evidence.)
****Note: The author/writer should read the abstract and conclusion of all the referenced articles****

This should be included in the evidenced-based paper. (What are the variables that are measured? (an independent variable is the variable that is changed or controlled in a scientific experiment to test the effects on the dependent variable. A dependent variable is the variable being tested and measured in a scientific experiment. … The independent and dependent variables may be viewed in terms of cause and effect. The dependent variable is the outcome.)
2. Is it qualitative or quantitative?
3. What are the data gathering procedures (official data, secondary; survey; sampling; statistical technique)
4. What is the research question?
5. What is it that they are examining?
6. How is it measured?
7. What are they confused about?
8. What do they want to know more about?

****And out of the above questions these need to be answered in the Evidenced- based criticism research brief:***
**Purpose of Levitt Article?**
How did he use prison overcrowding litigation?
What did he find?
Suggestions for future research?

***What did Webster mean by deterrent?***
What were the two control groups?
What were their benefits?
What was their critique of how deterrence was measured?
Suggestions for future research?
***How did Ludwig and Cook measure their variables?***
Which were their independent and dependent variables?
What were the findings?
Any intervening variables?
Suggestions for future research?

***Issues highlighted in Powell article***
Can we maintain public safety and procedural justice simultaneously?

Why is this evidenced based approach wrong and why?
What can be suggested as an alternative and why?

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