Essay – criminology

Essay – criminology
Chapter 9 Learning Theories

This is a paper that must be in APA style. There should be no subheadings. No plagiarism. There will be 7 emails submitted with the pages related to “learning theories”. In APA style the pages should be numbered. The upper left-hand side of the paper should be a place for name, course and the date.
In the paper suggest a connection between one or more of the readings and suggest how these readings cast light on each other.
This paper must examine and critique recent advances in theoretical development. The paper must be properly documented, using APA style, and double-spaced. It must be in 12 font Time Romans. All basic rules of grammar and syntax must be observed in this paper. The paper must be in a holistic approach.
Include ( I do not have these articles hopefully your writers can access because our library is down):
• Edwin H. Sutherland. Differential Association ( in Jacoby, 2004, 272-275)
• Robert L. Burgess and Ronald L. Akers. A Differential Association-Reinforcement Theory of Criminal Behavior ( in Jacoby, 2004, 228-235)
• Gresham M. Sykes and David Matza. Techniques of Neutralization (in Jacoby, 2004, 268-273)
• Travis Hirschi. A Control Theory of Delinquency (in Jacoby, 2004, 294-301)

This paper should focus on criminological theories with an emphasis on crime causation and justice. How does this chapter tie in with sociological, economic, geographic, and political theories of law formation and lawbreaking. Additionally, it should focus on the development of physiological, genetic, psychological, and psychiatric perspectives on criminal behavior and the relationship between theory and policy.

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