Counseling Theory & Procedures

Counseling Theory & Procedures
Number of sources: 5
Paper instructions:
You are required to complete a written report (5-7 pages) and create a PowerPoint presentation discussing the following:
Identify a Therapy learned in the course.
Discuss all of the techniques associated with the Therapy;
Provide an example of how each technique can be used when working with the following population:
14 year old African-American Male struggling with his sexual identity
62 year old Caucasian Widow presenting with loneliness
27 year old Afghani Female presenting with cultural/ethnicity issues (i.e., born in Afghanistan; however, she wants to be considered American). Do not use any examples learned from the required textbook;
Discuss in detail why you think the Therapy is beneficial to the counseling profession;
Compare the logistics of the Therapy and your Christian Worldview, discussing Discuss the similarities.

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