Create a PowerPoint presentation following the instructions below on Diabetes Mellitus type II

Create a six- slide (three slides on each page) PowerPoint presentation of a SOAP note by creating a “mock” patient with the condition that you have selected from the list above. This should be in SOAP format with each slide representing a different element of the note. Please set this up as an actual SOAP as you would in the clinic.
• Slide 1: Title page
• Slide 2: Subjective Data: pertinent positives/negatives elicited from the patient on your chosen endocrine disorder
• Slide 3: Objective data elicited during physical examination include pertinent positives and negatives
• Slide 4: Assessment (ICD 10 diagnoses) These are your differential DX. May include rule out diagnoses Focus on major diagnoses (may list all, but focus on top 4-5)
• Slide 5: Plan (include imaging, labs other diagnostic tests). Follow up plan including teaching.
• Slide 6: References

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