Discussion: Show Me the Money. Let’s Talk Pricing.

Discussion: Show Me the Money. Let’s Talk Pricing.

Thus far we have developed a quality product and made it available to end users through an effective distribution system. Now it’s time to price the product.

1st Discussion Post

Develop a pricing strategy for your chosen product/service (“Assisted Living”).

Discuss what factors will impact your pricing strategy.

What pricing method would you use for “Assisted Living” and why?

These two questions require research using the textbook (Specifically Chapter 9). No other resources are required. Citations and a reference list are required for this post.

This post should be 2 paragraphs in length (at least 100 words). Do not copy or quote. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format.

2nd Discussion Post

Corporate Social Responsibility has risen in popularity and stature in the last decade. Even small companies communicate ways that they give back to their communities.

Explain what product/service you are working with (“Assisted Living”)

Share a viable social responsible project that can be applied to your business. Explain why it would be a good fit for the culture of your organization and the community you serve.

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