Early Intervention Strategies Digital Brochure

Early Intervention Strategies Digital Brochure
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Paper instructions:
One priority for early intervention services is communication and support to families. Families are a young child’s first teacher and lifelong advocates. Parents of young children with a disability may have never had to advocate for services and are often new to navigating the system of supports in public school and other agency settings. Collaboration with parents of young children often involves informing parents of their roles, defining the role of the school, and helping parents understand and navigate the state agency supports available for young children.

Create a 250-500 word digital brochure for families of children in preschool-kindergarten that describes services and supports for individuals with disabilities. Choose one specific disability category from IDEA to complete your brochure.

Describe the following in your digital brochure, keeping in mind your chosen disability category:

Role of the family in accessing early intervention services.
Role of the state in providing early intervention services.
Role of service providers in providing early intervention programs in public schools.
Three early intervention strategies families can implement at home to promote communication skills, social skills, and literacy skills in their children affected by the chosen disability.
One local organization that families could contact to learn more about the disability and community services that might be available.
The brochure should be respectful and appropriate in tone and word choice for the family audience. Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.


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