Field Experience A: School Psychologist and Administrator Interviews

Field Experience A: School Psychologist and Administrator Interviews
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:
School psychologists play a critical role in evaluation and determination of eligibility for special education services. They often consult with teachers and families about characteristics of disabilities and types of services and supports available in the school system and community.

This is a Block 1 Field Experience. In this block, your field experience must be completed before or after school, or other designated time when students are not present.

You will interview a school psychologist and an administrator for the first field experience.

Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to support this field experience.

Interview a school psychologist and an administrator, from any K-12 educational setting, about the following:

What is your role in special education?
What responsibilities do you have specific to meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities?
Considering the students you have worked with, what disabilities have you encountered? Describe your experiences.
What are the developmental milestones associated with the disabilities you have worked with that teachers should pay attention to?
What is your role in the IEP process?
When should teachers consult with you regarding the needs of their students?
What is the role of the school in early intervention? How do you communicate that to the family, and how do you support the staff?
Additionally, ask the school psychologist the following:

What professional development opportunities related to special education do you feel would benefit staff in your school or district?
Ask the school administrator the following questions:

What are you doing for professional development in terms of implementing interventions before starting the special education process at your site?
In 825 words, identify the school setting, summarize, and reflect upon your interviews and explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.\

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