(Human and behavior and the social environment Part 1 separate)

(Human and behavior and the social environment Part 1 separate)
Theories to explain social institutions, organizations and communities
Compare and contrast systems theories, world systems theory, community theory and social disorganization theory. Be sure to include some discussion of how they explain social institutions, organizations and communities.

(separate part 2 )

1. Students will be required to write a 500 word journal entry which summarizes what the student has learned about human behavior and society that week in APA format.
2. Journals will keep a view toward the /person/system in the environment, the application to human functioning and development in its relationship to all social variables.
3. These journals should also include self-reflection of this week’s reading.
4. The journal is not a summary of your reading

(part 3 video case study )

CASE STUDY Video: Stanford Rape Case https://youtu.be/5FhnWo0l4FE
1. Students will watch the assigned video
2. Students will write a 500 word response to the content of the video in APA format.
a. It must demonstrate an understanding of how one of the theories being studied could be used to understand what happened in this court case.
b. It may include applicable biblical considerations.

The Drama of Scripture

(PART 1 250 words Sabbath rest )
This week’s forum discussion centers around the idea of Sabbath. After you watch the video by Barbara Brown Taylor, be prepared to discuss: What would it look like for you to choose to build rest into your life rhythm? What fears come up when you consider taking a day off from productivity?

(part 2 )

Plan your week with one day of rest as the climax. Outline what at least 4 hours of your “Sabbath” would look like. This might address where you will spend your time, a “Sabbath” day playlist, what items will you take with you, who will be there, etc.?

(Part 3 500 word essay )

Find a “current event” article and write a 500-word essay on why the event is an example of man exercising his autonomy (sin). Remember, the definition in the text is “choosing oneself as the source for determining what is right and wrong, rather than relying on God’s word for direction”. Be sure to explain how your example shows man choosing to define right and wrong apart from God.

(part 4 )

The final capstone submission will be a series of 6 “elevator pitches” based upon the 6 Acts of God’s story outlined in our text. An elevator pitch is defined as “a succinct and persuasive sales pitch.” The goal of the assignment/project is to create a succinct, persuasive and engaging retelling of each act of the biblical story. The final version is due at the end of the course. Here are the guidelines:

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