Human behavior

Human behavior
Number of sources: 5
Paper instructions:
(Part 1 separate )

World Systems provides a conceptual framework to that can be used to help us understand macro systems
and explain how world systems theory can be used to explain President Obama’s experience. For your initial post, respond to the following:


(Part 2 separate )
Case Study Video: Flint Water Crisis: How we got here,

a. It must demonstrate an understanding of how World Systems Theory could be used to understand what happened in Flint.
b. It may include applicable biblical considerations

(Part 3 Separate )Class 2 )

For the second post of the week respond to the statement: “the main ingredient of creation is love.” Write about the implications of the statement. How would your life be different if you believed this? What would be different in the world if everyone looked at creation this way?


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