introduction to counselling

introduction to counselling
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
Identify a specific counseling issue from one of the following groupings: Personal and Emotional; Addiction and Impulse Control; Grief and Trauma.

• 14 year old African-American Male struggling with his sexual identity

The group has the option of presenting the final project in any manner appropriate to the presentation (e.g., case study, trending topic, current event, etc.).

• We still need to decide. I think we can find a lot of material dealing with this under the trending topic or current event topic
Discuss the models linked with the treatment for the 14 year old .

• Effectively apply one of the models of Christian counseling to the treatment of the issue.
a. Biblical Counseling Model
b. Christian Psychology Model
c. Integration Model
d. Levels of Explanation Model
e. Modern Pastoral Care Model

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