Models of Christian Counseling

Models of Christian Counseling
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:
Assignment [WE]: Application/ Case Study

Each week you (the counselor) will provide services to Jason Johnson that will allow him to live and maintain a healthy life after termination of services. You will be required to discuss the behaviors you observe; the words you hear; the Therapy(ies) you will utilize in session; and all techniques you will use in session based on the specific Therapy you previously identified. Please note the report is cumulative; therefore, each week you will submit previous and current reports by the due date.

Today is Jason’s last session and he is EXCITED! He has been successful in and out of therapy, accomplishing most of his goals and continuing to work on maintaining a healthy mental well-being. During the session you complete the termination process.

1.Summarize the case, reflecting on the progress of your client. Include previous identifiers (Client’s Name, Age, and Date of Session).

Discuss the Therapy (i.e., Feminist Therapy and/or Postmodern Approaches) you will utilize with Jason and the reason the Therapy is the best approach;
Discuss three (3) specific techniques you will utilize and the issue you will assist Jason in continuing his success


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