Module 2 – Discussion: The Marketing Mix: Value Added

Module 2 – Discussion: The Marketing Mix: Value Added

Short Essay 1

Using the product/service chosen in Module 1 complete the following:

• Explain what product/service you are working with (see attached Case paper on assisted living as the service for this discussion) (this paragraph can be reused during class).

• Discuss the qualities that make this product/service new to the marketplace and the rationale for your decision to pursue the concept.

Not including the first paragraph describing your product, this post should be 1 or 2 paragraphs in length (at least 100 words). Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format.

Short Essay 2

• Provide the quick overview of the product or service.

• Identify your target market. Provide a specific demographic profile and rationale for this decision. Consider the size of the market and its purchasing power.

• A source that may help you: The US Census Bureau’s American Fact Finder. Research is required to back-up your selection and to provide statistics to show that it is a viable market.


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